“Balance is not something that you find, it’s something you create”

Jana Kingsford


Lindsay Finnemore - Creative Director & Owner | Even Flow Media
Lindsay Finnemore
Creative Director


Jessica_alberts - Graphic Designer | Even Flow Media
Jessica Alberts


Andrew Sutherland - Sound Engineer | Even Flow Media
Andrew Sutherland


Justin Wingate - Flavourgreat Motion Graphics | Even Flow Media
Justin Wingate

Motion Graphics

Colin Parker - Creative Director - Events | Even Flow Media
Colin Parker
Creative Director


“Feel it, flow with it, infuse with it, believe it, time to let the magic begin”

Trudy Vesotsky


Even Flow Media is a passionate team and we love what we do. We have a strong focus on creating relationships that last a life time, all the while being respectful and aware of our surroundings and resources. The earth and all her creatures are what keep us in perfect balance with our environment and we at Even Flow Media strive to maintain this balance, being mindful that this will bring harmony and creativity to everything that we do.

Upon arriving at our office, you’ll be welcomed by the sounds of great music, the smell of fresh coffee and the energy of a vibrant crew, all working hard to create the most innovative and outstanding design products.

Our team has gleaned their experience and education from all around the world and this can be seen in the high quality and thoroughness of product delivery along with terrific turnaround time.

At Even Flow Media we believe that every client provides us with the opportunity to improve our skill set and we look forward to working with the best and the brightest companies, from one man operations to international conglomerates.

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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace.

Making the complicated simple, that’s creativity”

Charles Mingu


Branding - Services | Even Flow Media
Logo Development - Services | Even Flow Media
Logo Development
Infographics - Services | Even Flow Media
Reports - Services | Even Flow Media
Publications - Services | Even Flow Media
Presentations - Services | Even Flow Media
Packaging - Services | Even Flow Media
Augmented Reality - Services | Even Flow Media
Augmented Reality
Illustration - Services | Even Flow Media
Website | HTML - Services | Even Flow Media
Website | HTML
Motion Graphics - Services | Even Flow Media
Motion Graphics
Film Production - Services | Even Flow Media
Film Production

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands”

Leonardo da Vinci


2identify - Client | Even Flow Media
Aspigon - Client | Even Flow Media
Careways - Client | Even Flow Media
Consort - Client | Even Flow Media
EOH - Client | Even Flow Media
GMR Events - Client | Even Flow Media
JDA Johannesburg Development Agency - Client | Even Flow Media
Lethabo Cleaning Crew - Clients | Even Flow Media
Life Healthcare Group - Clients | Even Flow Media
Mohau Equity Partners - Client | Even Flow Media
Pam Golding - Client | Even Flow Media
Primedia - Clients | Even Flow Media
SWM - Client | Even Flow Media

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”

Albert Einstein


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  • Fax # : 086 516 4730
  • Email: office@evenflowmedia.co.za
  • 22 Buckingham Avenue, Craighall Park
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